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Where we're going:

  • Forest Hill
  • Meandarra
  • Dulacca
  • Blackall
  • Barcaldine
  • Killarney
  • Brookstead
  • Tara


Small Town Culture Competition
Inbox Small Town Culture on Facebook to nominate your town for a chance to receive a free song & music video.  Nominations close 5:00pm 20th March, 2015.
The TOP 10 most nominated towns will be posted on the Small Town Culture wall on the 23rd of March, 2015.
Whichever TOP 10 town gets the most likes in that week will be the WINNER!! (Closes 5:00pm 30th March, 2015)
Open to all Australian regional communities with less than 5,000 people.
PLEASE NOTE: An individual can only nominate their community once.
Terms & Conditions
Thanks to CRS Publicity the song produced for the winning community will be distributed to more than 400 radio stations across Australia and the World.

Small Town Culture: Volume 1

Small Town Culture: Volume 1
This Album includes a collection of 17 songs from the 'Small Town Culture' label.
Most tracks are part of the Video Clip series and were written by Josh Arnold in collaboration with the School Student's and members of the communities in Regional Queensland.
The songs reflect the identity and unique spirit of the young people from South West Queensland ranging from Thargomindah to Charleville and Texas to Tara.
Enjoy the vibrant sounds and incredible depth of talent from these proud country kids. 



Galavize: The Best of Josh Arnold 2001 - 2009

“Galvanize - The Best of Josh Arnold 2001 - 2009” is available now on iTunes.
Galvanize: The Best of Josh Arnold 2001 - 2009The Album includes Josh's early Country Hits, most notably the Golden Guitar winning Aussie version of "Thank God I'm a Country Boy" recorded with Lee Kernaghan.  
The Albums journey continues with the raw and edgy sounds of "Scarifier" before blending into the soulful pop sounds of "Ripple on the Tide" as heard on Channel Sevens Sunrise.  
Also included is the haunting "Skeletons" which was featured on the US TV show "Ghost Whisperer" plus the moving "Alive" which was written for the National Drive for Life Campaign. "Galvanize" finishes with the Country and Western Rap classic "Micky Mouse and the Clubhouse Rampage" which was written and recorded in 2009 before Josh's extremely successful move to education and the emergence of "Small Town Culture".
Check out a number of these tracks on the About Josh Arnold page.


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